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August 2014

July Update

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After July, I didn’t feel like anyone was playing Halo anymore so I shut it down. I didn’t plan to come back. I really didn’t. However, after seeing that 125+ people viewed the shutdown post, I decided I would put it up one more time. I didn’t put up the Europe server though because I feel that was a waste of money. I also miss playing with the regular players. Hope to see you guys around!
By the way, Anti-bot is off because barely anyone plays anymore and I think the botters are gone.

By now, you guys may have released that the gamespy server shutdown. If you haven’t updated to 1.10 (or used the HAC2 mod), then you are NOT able to see any servers. If you have not done so, download all the files from here All the zip files come with instructions in them.

P.S. Some people want the old gandanur server back. Yay or nay?